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Auto SMS

Send out SMS automatically from your iPhone.

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We are regret to inform you that this app is no longer available for sale in Apple's app store. Apple did not allow our app to be listed for its own sake. We thank you all for your support to our app and we are sorry that we cannot publish any update of this app. This app does not work on iOS 6.


This app lets you send out text messages at a scheduled time. You only need to schedule a time, pick the recipient(s) and input the content of the message. When the moment comes, the text message will be sent out automatically without your notice. You will never forget to send any important messages again.

This app can actually send the message for you, while all other similar apps only remind you of sending a message. This is the only app you need to schedule your SMS.


1) Set the time you want the message to be sent.

2) Pick the phone number(s) of the recipient(s) from your address book. You can also enter the number(s) manually. If you choose to manually enter multiple phone numbers, be sure to have the numbers delimited by one of the following characters: "#"(pound key), ";"(semicolon), "*"(asterisk), ","(comma).

3) (optional) Put in some words in the comment field just for you to remember what the message is for. The comment will not be sent to any recipient.

4) Enter the content of the text message.

5) Lastly, you switch on the timer and a countdown is displayed to indicate the remaining time to send the message. When the time comes, the message will be sent automatically.

NOTE: This app works even your iPhone's screen is off or locked. You can put this app running in the background and do other stuffs with your iphone, including playing a game or talking in a phone call.

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If you have any questions regarding this iPhone app, please feel free to contact us by email: .

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